Meet Heathen

I started adding my own touches to my Valkyrie almost immediately.

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Hot Weather Riding

Drinking water on bike in heat

Based on my personal experience and research, there is a world of difference between 100-105 F and 115 F in terms of how much water you need.

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It’s a Wrap

Vinyl Wrapped Gold Wing

I vinyl wrapped my Goldwing! Iwas the owner of a beautiful Black ’99 GL1500 SE with a Hannigan sidecar. Anyone who owns a black bike knows that it’s only black and shiny after you wash it. Take it for a ride and five minutes down the road, it’s dirty again. After six years of doing… Read more »

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Understanding and Using Your Hotel Discounts

For GWRRA Members Only Each month this year, we are sharing details about one of the many benefits that come with your GWRRA membership and explaining how the benefit works. We have realized that many of you are not aware of the numerous benefits provided with your membership. For February, we will look at all… Read more »

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Installing Saddlebag Net Inserts

Like a lot of 1500 owners, I eventually upgraded to an 1800 (mine’s a 2012). While I really like the improved low speed stability and the fuel injection system, I do miss a few things about the 1500. First is the significantly more visible rear lights. One of the next items I miss is the… Read more »

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Motorcycle Tires II

What else could elevate tire temperature, possibly to the point of catastrophic tire failure? Underinflation is very dangerous…

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Ride for Your Life

Motorcycle Tires

Comparing Tires for Your Wing Tres are an important component of any vehicle, but on a motorcycle they can be the difference between life and death. In fact, there’s so much information out there about tires that our resident tech guru, Stu Oltman, has produced the first of a two-part article on the topic that… Read more »

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Three To Go

Paradise Custom Trike Build

The bottom line is that I love it. Who said that trikes aren’t cool?

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Holiday Shopping

Holiday Products

Find the Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Favorite Winger Burner Heated Gloves Joe Rocket $160 When it’s cold outside, the last thing you want to do is go riding without a pair of warm gloves. To solve that problem, check out the new Burner heated glove by Joe Rocket. It has a stainless core… Read more »

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