To take a guided tour or not, that is the question

    And other tips for choosing an organized motorcycle tour I have been running organized motorcycle tours for almost 25 years now and have trained some guides who went on to start their own touring companies. Wing World’s editor recently asked me if I could come up with some rider tips for choosing an… Read more »

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6 items to have on your next motorcycle ride

Whether you’re planning that upcoming ride or if you’re heading out this weekend, there are six must-have items to always carry in your motorcycle’s saddlebag or trunk. These important items are crucial if your bike breaks down or you find yourself in another situation. I take these things with me when I go on a… Read more »

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Distracted Driving Awareness

I was driving north on Arizona Interstate 17 in my new-to-me two-wheeler cruiser. It was early afternoon and traffic was light for Phoenix. Vehicles were coming down the ramp from Interstate 10 into the acceleration lane. Suddenly a large, black dual pickup was sliding left into the next lane – where was riding! I looked right and… Read more »

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Winners from Wing Ding 39

Closing Ceremony Winners Honda Gold Wing motorcycle – Keith Kocher, Claremont, IL Roadsmith Trike conversion kit – Karen Hunter, Markleville, IN J&M Helmets with Elite 787 Integrated headsets – Armond Prosperini, Springfield, IL Hannigan Motorsports trailer – David Cooley, Highridge, MO Bridgestone tires – Laurel Kuehl, Valparaiso, IN WINGERS-N-WAVES seven day cruise for two –… Read more »

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New Wing Ding Bike Show Rules

Bike Show Rules

2016 There isn’t any better feeling than sitting at a stop light waiting for it to change, looking over at the driver next to you and hearing them say those two magic words – nice bike. Or while gassing up, you see someone come out of a convenience store and look at your bike adoringly…. Read more »

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But I didn’t expect to see him

am motivated to write on Joe Turner’s topic, “But I Didn’t See Him!” (May 2016, p. 36). I will not focus on the physical inability to see motorcyclists as Mr. Turner does, but rather on the mental inability to do so. I don’t refer strictly to angular invisibility, as Mr. Turner does, but to the… Read more »

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Ham it Up

Ham Radio

Ham Radio, A fun special interest group Ham radio is also known as amateur radio and sometimes called shortwave radio. Unlike CB radio, it has more than one band and more modes of transmission than only AM channels. Ham bands run from microwave to UHF (ultra high frequency), VHF (very high frequency) and HF (high… Read more »

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New Twists

Arizona has a statewide program called “Touring Arizona” where you get a hanger bar by visiting Arizona landmarks and taking a cellphone picture in front of a list of those landmarks.

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