Wing Ding 41

If you would like to join us next year at our motorcycle rally in Springfield, Missouri click here.

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Wing Ding 40

The largest touring motorcycle rally in the world. Trade Show Vanguard Rider Course Around Knoxville American Honda/ Demo Rides Bike Games Grand Parade / Light Parade Star Wars at the Disco Guided Rides Join us at our next rally in Springfield, Missouri, click here.

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Winners from Wing Ding 39

Closing Ceremony Winners Honda Gold Wing motorcycle – Keith Kocher, Claremont, IL Roadsmith Trike conversion kit – Karen Hunter, Markleville, IN J&M Helmets with Elite 787 Integrated headsets – Armond Prosperini, Springfield, IL Hannigan Motorsports trailer – David Cooley, Highridge, MO Bridgestone tires – Laurel Kuehl, Valparaiso, IN WINGERS-N-WAVES seven day cruise for two –… Read more »

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New Wing Ding Bike Show Rules

Bike Show Rules

2016 There isn’t any better feeling than sitting at a stop light waiting for it to change, looking over at the driver next to you and hearing them say those two magic words – nice bike. Or while gassing up, you see someone come out of a convenience store and look at your bike adoringly…. Read more »

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To Reno from the Northeast

Excerpted from East Coast Exploration: Reno By Way of Beantown The Northeast corner of the United States holds some of America’s richest history and features incredible landmarks that most of us only read about in textbooks when we were kids. Boston, specifically, is a magnet to history buffs as it features the Freedom Trail —… Read more »

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