Wing Ding 37

Rocket City Road Trip

Wings and rockets – what a pairing. Perhaps what made Wing Ding 37 so
memorable for so many Wingers this year was the chance to ride and explore a city famous for its ties to space exploration.

We’ve been enthralled since the first man stepped on the moon and what motorcycle enthusiast wouldn’t love Rocket City, USA and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center!

But first and foremost, there was some great riding from the beautiful, historic downtown Huntsville to the Monte Sano State Park, and the weather was almost perfect – sunny and around 80 degrees. In addition, the Von Braun Center was a great venue with its concert hall, arena and centrally located conference room for Mission Control where there was food, registration, information, stage shows and

Amazing stuff – a speed painter – how does a person create a work of nice art that fast? Krazy hat and mascot contest – such fun to see all the creativity. Dancing, music, seminars, food, some awesome buys like those comfortable folding chairs, light and grand parades, and so much more topped off a wonderful weekend.

Wing Ding 37 – Remembered with Images

Welcome Party →
Opening Ceremonies →
Couple of the Year →
Trade Show & Vendors →
Bike Show →
Grand Parade →
Light Parade →
Closing Ceremonies →
Bikes →
Members →

Indoor Activities

Bushtec Airplane Toss →
Merit Awards →
Mission Control →
Overseas Couples →
Statistical Winners →
Seminars →


BBQ Dinner →
Music Fest →
Tim Decker – Speed Painter →

Wing Ding 37 – Videos

Aerial View →
Drill Teams →
Huntsville News →
The Parades →

Wing Ding 37 – Special Add-On Digital Section

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