New Twists

Chapter’s photo contest tweaks and old idea in a new way

When it comes to preparing ideas for Chapter fun, how many times have you heard, “Done that — Don’t want to do that again”? Why not do old things but do them with a new twist? The following are some examples of what Arizona Chapter R did in the Phoenix area.

Rider education and riding safe are vital. Many belong to the rider ed levels program. But how do we encourage joining the program and advancing? The twist: a few years ago Chapter R started a rider education initiative called “50 for Safety.” Each person joining the levels program was “1.” Every time someone advanced, they received “1” for each level advanced. The Chapter’s goal was to have 50 people join and/or move up the levels program. The goal was to accomplish this in one year, which we did. Interestingly enough, when so many people made it to level three, the Chapter hit a wall because Members had to wait a year to apply for their Masters certification.

We all like the free, informative training made available to Members (and hopefully prospective Members). What can we do to make it more interesting? Chapter R teamed up with Chapter D in Mesa and came up with a summer education program. Summer is when we ride less frequently due to the heat here, so we took an opportunity to have seven different training sessions throughout the four months. The twist: we made a contest out of it and anyone who attended five of the seven sessions was eligible to win prize money. Well over 100 seats were filled for the seminars and we had 15 eligible for the prize, with seven of those 15 attending all seminars!

This year, we noticed everyone likes to take photos. We started to think … what could we do different, which would include something to get Chapter Members interested? Arizona has a statewide program called “Touring Arizona” where you get a hanger bar by visiting Arizona landmarks and taking a cellphone picture in front of a list of those landmarks. Many interesting pictures have been taken over the years. The twist: take a high-resolution picture in front of an Arizona location and submit it to a photo contest. First, second and third place won prize money. A Chapter Member arranged for the photo editor and creative director of Arizona Highways magazine to judge the pictures. The contest concluded with 19 beautiful photos of Gold Wings and Arizona attractions. We posted all of the pictures on our Facebook page and are planning to make a calendar next year, selling them with profits going to our Membership Enhancement.

Robert M. Bray, GWRRA #145751, is Arizona Assistant District Educator.

Contest Photos

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