Camp Fantastic: Giving Back

Giving Back on Three (And Two) Wheels

It’s not easy to be a kid sometimes. Sure, some of us look back fondly on those times when life was a bit more carefree, but when a child is stricken with an illness so deadly that it threatens their passage to adulthood, things
get scary.

Special Love is a non-profit organization that helps children with cancer and their families deal with the experience. They hold an event called Camp Fantastic that goes on throughout the year, including weekend retreats. The organization is run entirely by private donations, and as such, they need all the help they can get.

That’s where GWRRA comes in. This past summer, several Chapter Members from across the east coast visited Camp Fantastic to give back to the community. This is their story.

On August 12, 2013, Virginia Chapter F and West Virginia Chapter A, along with riders from other Chapters from Maryland and Pennsylvania, rode to Camp Fantastic to present a check to Dave Smith, Director of Special Love, in the amount of $2,000. This money goes directly to help children with cancer attend the camp. It is held for one week every August and gives these children a welcome break from the stress and hardship illness can cause.

On this year’s ride, there were 38 motorcycles, all of which were escorted by the Front Royal police and the Warren County police to the 4-H camp located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Once there, the bikes lined up in the staging area, waiting for the arrival of the campers. The ride is a circuit within the camp, so the children are always safe and protected. After each child rides, they are given a stuffed animal from one of the displayed options so they can choose the one they want. Each child is assisted with putting on a helmet, getting on and getting off the bike.

We took a lot of pictures, which all show the beautiful setting of this camp, the staging area and how interactive the riders are with these children. It’s easy to see just how much the riders care for these children and how touched they are to be a part of this wonderful annual event.

This has been Chapter’s F’s main fund raiser for over 30 years and we plan to continue supporting Special Love for many years to come.

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