40 to Phoenix

40 to Phoenix is a 10-day, 2,700 mile ride covering four regions, 12 states, and two countries with a stop at the Home Office in Phoenix.

This year, that stop was on April 16. Ride and Event Coordinator Russ Schaeffer, said 62 riders left Wilmington, North Carolina, on April 10, “increasing the numbers across [the country] with a peak at Moriarty, New Mexico, of 106” to make the annual coast-to-coast ride, mainly on Interstate 40. The ride included a group from Nova Scotia and Maine.

Riders covered 395 miles in six hours on day one. In Conyers, Georgia, they visited the Talladega NASCAR track, as well as Barber’s Motorsports Complex and Museum where they had track time. Other stops were at Leeds, Alabama; Conway, Arkansas; and El Reno, Oklahoma. Longest stretches were 479 miles into Moriarty, New Mexico, and 483 miles into Phoenix.

Featured at the Home Office were tours, short scenic rides, seminars, prizes and meeting GWRRA Founder Paul Hildebrand and Co-Founder Shirley Stephens-Garcia. The evening meal was attended by 136 Members.

40 to Phoenix concluded in Chula Vista, California. A guided tour through Mexico was also offered and riders toured FOX Studios where Titanic was filmed. What follows are some photos from 40 to Phoenix.

40 to Phoenix 2015 in Pictures

40 to Phoenix 2015 in Video

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