Optic Armor +4 Windscreen

On the first test ride with the Optic Armor GL1800 +4 windscreen installed on our 2001 GL1800 Motor Trike, we noticed several significant improvements. It replaces a wide and tall screen from another manufacturer. The ultimate pleasant surprise is the optical clarity. Gone is the distortion on the side edges, as we had with the previous large windscreen. We found a marked improvement in wind deflection and there is less turbulence on the passenger than we experienced with the former oversize windscreen.

Originally as a two-wheeler, we purchased a custom saddle to accommodate my wife’s (also a driver) 6-foot height and long legs. However, we had the bike converted and now take turns as both passenger and driver. As a tall passenger on the taller saddle, we are extremely pleased to report that the Armor GL1800 significantly blocks turbulence. In addition, although the windscreen is larger and taller, the vent provides sufficient airflow.

We’ve observed that even though some of the taller windscreens are curved and canted back so far you might smack your helmet against it, the Optic Armor GL1800 +4 is not canted as much, making it easier to mount the bike! In addition, bug removal (ever experienced that?) is just a wet cloth wipe away – It’s almost like a Teflon coating.

The only problem encountered during installation was that the right outboard slider slot was located too far out, but a Dremel tool enlarged the slot the extra 1/8 inch required to fit the slider screws and brackets.

Rich and Lois Brown, GWRRA Life Member #071168, live in Burdett, New York.

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