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Anti-Lock Brakes

Goldwing ABS

Deciding the value of staying upright: ABS A common frustration among rider course instructors and coaches is that while rid ers will spend upwards of $25,0 00 on their Wing, they balk at $50 or $100 or more to hone their safety skills. As I write this, I am in that “dollars for safety” conundrum… Read more »

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Do you know the law?

Police - Motorcycle Safety

You come to a four-way stop at the same time as another bike arriving at the left cross street. Who has the r ight of way? You get caught going 62 in a 55 mph zone. You get a ticket (not a warning), but there are no points, no insurance company notifi cation and nothing… Read more »

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But I didn’t expect to see him

am motivated to write on Joe Turner’s topic, “But I Didn’t See Him!” (May 2016, p. 36). I will not focus on the physical inability to see motorcyclists as Mr. Turner does, but rather on the mental inability to do so. I don’t refer strictly to angular invisibility, as Mr. Turner does, but to the… Read more »

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But I didn’t see him!

Motorcycle Invisible

As a motorcyclist who drives a car, when pulling out into traffic, I have gotten into the habit of leaning forward while looking left the second time.

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Hot Weather Riding

Drinking water on bike in heat

Based on my personal experience and research, there is a world of difference between 100-105 F and 115 F in terms of how much water you need.

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Trike Training

Woman on Trike

Trike Course for and Taught by Women The Rider Ed Program has been around for quite some time now and so have trikes. With the popularity of the trike, more and more ladies are now behind the handlebars and are driving themselves. They are not taking the backseat anymore. As you know, GWRRA has been… Read more »

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Center of Mass

Center of Mass Diagram - Trikes

Understanding the Physics Behind Steering Your Trike Simply put, the center of mass is the point at which the weight of an object, in this case our trike, is equally distributed in all directions. This point is variable. Even when we are stationary, the center of mass depends not only on the trike’s weight distribution… Read more »

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Skate to the Puck

Hockey Stick and Puck

My conclusion is that if you do your homework and take the initiative, motorcycling can be safer than attending a hockey game. Let me explain.

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We Survived!

Honda Gold Wing

I remember our front wheel hitting the back right corner of the trailer ahead of us. The impact snapped the handlebars hard to the left (which was likely when my five rib fractured, bruised the underlying lung and started the collapse of my left lung).

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3-Wheeled Safety

GWRRA Trike Class

A Day at a GWRRA Trike Class WRRA has long history of providing classes to Members for further education in motorcycle riding and safety. But one class that not everyone is aware of is trike-specific, and on a particularly warm September afternoon in Scottsdale, Ariz., I headed out to see what the word was all… Read more »

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Day Zero

But no, it was brilliant; By repeating what we needed to know dozens of times, there was little to know chance that we’d forget.

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