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Joe Sparrow & His 425k Gold Wing

Joe Sparrow and his high-mileage Gold Wing

Now that’s a lot of miles On Friday, May 30, I stopped by Donelson Cycles in St. Ann, Mo., to buy some new summer riding gloves. In the parking lot was a customer’s GL1800. It was readily apparent that the bike gets a lot of use — Iron Butt “1,500 miles in 24 hrs” license… 425k Gold Wing“>Read more »

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The Red Queen

Red Queen - Motorcycle Artist Pointing

“Every decision I’ve made is the right one at the time — no regrets. And I don’t believe in looking back or dwelling in the past.”

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And Along Went the Spyder

Sturgis Reversed GL1800

Only a few dealers countrywide will have access to these kits at the moment: Two locations in Florida, one in California, and Gregg.

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The 2014 Valkyrie

The Valk is pitched as a “muscle cruiser” by Honda. It’s supposed to be fast, efficient, stripped down and fun, yet it’s still solid and practical enough to cruise long distances.

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