New Wing Ding Bike Show Rules

Bike Show Rules


There isn’t any better feeling than sitting at a stop light waiting for it to change, looking over at the driver next to you and hearing them say those two magic words – nice bike. Or while gassing up, you see someone come out of a convenience store and look at your bike adoringly. Our bikes are an extension of ourselves. Receiving compliments about our bike is almost as gratifying as getting a good hug. It’s time for a change at Wing Ding 38 in Billings!

W ing Ding 38 will bring major changes to the Bike Show. Critical judges looking for something wrong – gone! Numerous classes with lots of rules – gone! Devoting an entire day of Wing Ding to participating in the Bike Show (not counting cleaning time) – gone! Showing pride in our rides for everyone to admire – now you’re talking!

Here’s the plan. One afternoon, all bike show entrants will place their bikes on display in the designated location. Each entrant, along with everyone coming to look at the bikes, will be given a ballot to pick their favorite bike using whatever criteria they choose. No special judging rules – just “People’s Choice.”

Favorites will be selected in each of five categories – bike, trike, bike with trailer, trike with trailer, and sidecar. Classification will be made simple – just count the number of tires! No special inspections, points or cumbersome rules. Don’t think just because you don’t have thousands invested in artwork or chrome you won’t win, and hence, you don’t even enter. We haven’t forgotten that everyone loves winning. Every entry will be placed into a drawing for several desirable prizes to be awarded during the Bike Show, giving everyone an equal opportunity to win.

The Wing Ding 38 Bike Show will be about getting together with new and old friends, walking around to see what others have done to personalize their bikes, picking up some new ideas for our own next project, and enjoying others casting those adoring looks at our bikes. That sounds like something I want to be part of! How about you?

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