Dress it Up

Mike and Carla Rubin with Dressed up Trike

It’s Your Bike, Customize It.

When you own a Gold Wing, you like to dress it up and proudly show it off. In my case, I was handed down my husband’s 1994 GL1500, so I had to change things a bit just to make it mine.

I started by having a complete custom console kit done by Wing Bling. Mike and Carla Rubin, the owners, are very nice and fun to work with — helpful but not pushy. I was so proud and happy showing off my “new” ride.” Then in June 2009, I had a serious accident. Luckily, there was no frame or motor damage, however most of the plastics were destroyed. My repair facility ordered all that was needed to fix my baby back up, but there was a slight problem: the color didn’t quite match. I assumed it was due to fading of the older parts.

Now, two years after this accident, I was at another rally and Mike said to bring my bike over for their display. When he looked at it he remarked, “What is wrong with your bike?” I reminded him of the accident and said that it was just sun faded. “No way!” was his reply.

Well, this is when you find out just how reputable a company can be. Mike said that he would replace the entire console kit at no cost to me. I was so shocked. Knowing that this issue wasn’t entirely his fault made me feel a bit uneasy, so Mike came up with a new plan that I could feel good about. He would do the kit and I could pay half of the installation cost.

Keeping to his word, in July at Wing Ding 35, Mike and his crew installed the new matching kit. My ride is once again beautiful! Mike and Carla stood behind their product and reputation, and they are a vendor that all of us should be proud and happy to do business with.

Kudos to Mike and Carla Rubin from a very happy rider.

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  1. Joe

    Why post something about a company without posting a link to that company
    Great review on :
    Wing Bling. Mike and Carla Rubin,
    However no follow up on how to find the company bad editting. In my opinion and if you post tjis reply bet youget few thousand people who would agree.


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