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A Day at a GWRRA Trike Class

WRRA has long history of providing classes to Members for further education in motorcycle riding and safety. But one class that not everyone is aware of is trike-specific, and on a particularly warm September afternoon in Scottsdale, Ariz., I headed out to see what the word was all about.

Finding local spaces to hold training classes can be difficult, but in this case, Go AZ Motorcycles at 15500 N. Hayden Road had more than enough space. The facility is essentially brand new. A few years back it was a Suzuki dealership, but many of the buildings have been replaced or built from scratch. Out back sits a mammoth concrete pad that’s easily larger than a professional football field. As it turns out, this pad is actually the roof for Go AZ’s underground storage facility, since the city wouldn’t allow it to build a parking garage vertically. The riding surface was also specifically mixed to provide the most traction for motorcycle riders and it’s as flat as you’re going to get. Go AZ has some truly impressive facilities, that’s for sure.

When I arrived, somewhere around the middle of the event, eight trike riders of various skill levels were parked along the back wall of the south side of the course, listening to Chuck Donaldson, Bob Bray and Dave Gormley give instruction. Soon thereafter, one of the instructors came in to ride the course himself, show off the basics and then watch as the riders did their thing. And note that although the majority of the bikes were Gold Wings, two Can-Am Spyders made appearances as well. We’re seeing more and more of those bikes at GWRRA events across the country.

Overall, the day was full of the some excellent instruction, a lot of fun and good conversation among friends, but they were all there to keep their skills sharp. Remember, riding is a perishable skill and if you don’t practice on a regular basis, you will get rusty. Combine that with the unique riding experience that a trike presents and you definitely want to spend some time in a controlled environment to ensure that you’re safe on the road.

Remember, it’s all about fun, friends and knowledge, and this time, the focus was on the latter, with a liberal sprinkling of the other two

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