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Trike Course for and Taught by Women

The Rider Ed Program has been around for quite some time now and so have trikes. With the popularity of the trike, more and more ladies are now behind the handlebars and are driving themselves. They are not taking the backseat anymore.

As you know, GWRRA has been changing. Using GWRRA’s philosophy of change, Rodd Polk, the Louisiana District Educator, requested from the District how he could better serve the membership. After receiving feedback from the District, he found one suggestion that would really spark an interest – an all Lady Trike Course.

He made contact with the Region H Educator Sam Belinoski, along with the Louisiana District Director Merlin Mayon to share this idea. Not only did he suggest the all Lady Riders Trike Course, but all female instructors, too.

Region H is lucky enough to have two qualified female instructors, Beverly Mayon of Chapter H, Houma, Louisiana, and Susan Carter of Chapter B, Shawnee, Oklahoma. Both ladies are excellent Rider coaches and have taught several courses over the years, but never together.

So in April of 2014 at the Louisiana District Convention, history was made. To our knowledge the first ever all female trike course taught by female instructors took place. The response was unbelievable with many ladies trying to get into the class.

It was decided by Merlin Mayon and Rodd Polk to limit the class to six trikes and no co-riders for the first-time event to see how things would go. The class with Beverly Mayon and Susan Carter went better than was hoped. After the class and range exercises were completed, all the riders got a chance to fill out evaluations and add comments. Wow! The comments were out of this world. The most made comment by the riders were that they felt comfortable and they could relate better to female instructors. All the riders in the class said, “We are proud and happy that Louisiana had made this course available to them and it made them feel special. It should be done again.”

GWRRA feels strongly about treating everyone fairly, so it was decided to have an open trike course for anyone, men or women, at the same time as the Lady Trike Course and this course was full. We feel this program was a success and highly recommend it to all other Districts and Regions. The District Educator has received several phone calls asking when the next course will be held.

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