Long Ride Shields: introduction of the new ‘Taka’ re-curve windshield for the Honda Gold Wing

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Taka Long Ride Shield

Long Ride Shields, a Sparks, Nevada based manufacturer of aftermarket motorcycle accessories, is pleased to announce the introduction of the new ‘Taka’ re-curve windshield for the Honda Gold Wing touring bike.

The ‘Taka’, which is Japanese for hawk or falcon, pays homage to the Gold Wing emblem Honda has used for decades. Long Ride Shields has long been an innovative designer of custom windshields designed to reduce the buffeting created as a motorcycle slices through the wind and to improve safety and the stability while operating a motorcycle. The ‘Taka’ shield is a significantly enhanced design over the OEM windshield and reduces buffeting by more than 60%. Most windshields provide a reduction for the driver, but the passenger suffers greatly as wind surrounds the passenger and creates an uncomfortable situation. The ‘Taka’ all but eliminates this situation for the passenger which recent tests have revealed.

Long Ride Shields uses simulated wind tunnel testing to ensure the design of the shield maximizes the lift provided by the re-curve design. This design concept originated in the design of automobiles as a mechanism to redirect air around the vehicle to increase fuel economy. The Gold Wing, much to Honda’s credit, is one of the most cutting-edge touring bikes on the market with its sleek front fairing that includes integrated headlights and vent systems. Long Ride Shields has followed the aerodynamics of the front fairing on the Gold Wing to allow the air to climb at the same angle and transition from the fairing onto the windshield without interruption. This innovative design allows the air to follow the gentle re-curve at the top and lift the air at a slightly higher level than a traditional re-curve design. When the new ‘Taka’ shield was tested by local Members of the GWRRA in Reno, Nevada, all test riders stated that the redirection of air around them and their passengers was significant, which ultimately resulted in a much smoother and more enjoyable riding experience.

The ‘Taka’ will be offered in two sizes with several tint options. Introductory pricing for the new ‘Taka’ will start at $209.00 and will be available beginning March 27, 2015. The windshield is only offered in FMR coated Lexan polycarbonate with glass-coating on both sides. The ‘Taka’ comes with a standard 1-year warranty. You can learn more about the ‘Taka’ and other Long Ride Shields products by calling 1-855-566-4743 or by visiting www.longrideshields.com.


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  1. Anthony

    I have a goldwing 2014 1800cc
    I am 6.2 ” when I travel at a speed
    At 70 mile per hour I have have to crounch under my stock windshield
    So I don’t get so much wind
    What size wind shield do I need.
    My passenger also complain that she can’t ride with me because she is uncomfortable with the wind


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