Hartco’s PRO TOUR saddle for 2015 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing


Hartco International is announcing the release of the new 2015 PRO TOUR saddle for the 2015 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing. This new seat is specifically designed to fit the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Gold Wing. Each and every Hartco saddle is completely custom made from the ground up to fit the individual driver and passenger. The height, weight and inseams of both riders are used to build the density of the foam and then each seat is hand carved to the height and leg length of both rider and passenger. Hartco is famous for the scooped out, concave bucket to cradle the behinds of the riders. Each seat is designed to protect the riders’ boney butts from the punishment of all day riding. Hartco’s custom seats offer leg support to distribute body weight to every place but the butt bones. Hartco’s Pro Tour saddles are available with or without driver’s backrests. The driver’s backrest is removable and fully adjustable and has a pouch on the back for the passenger’s goodies or maps. Hartco seats are now available with heaters that “plug and play” with the factory controls if the motorcycle is equipped with the comfort package. Also available is the more upright and thinner replacement passenger’s backrest which changes the abrupt, rear-leaning angle that many passengers dislike. Otherwise the new seat comes supplied with a cover for the factory passenger pad that simply re-upholsters it to match the new seat. Any Hartco seat can be ordered in all high-quality vinyl or with a velour cloth top to protect against heat and perspiration.

Hartco International, Inc.
2288 Highway 17 South Crescent City, Fl. 32112


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