Learn To Ride

GWRRA Drill Teams

Become a safer rider with a little reverse engineering. As safe riders, we understand that we could be safer. When we get on a motorcycle, we need to do so with the correct mental attitude and a mindset that is fully ready to ride. Along with proper riding gear — which is a must —… Read more »

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Day Zero

But no, it was brilliant; By repeating what we needed to know dozens of times, there was little to know chance that we’d forget.

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Workbench March 2014

ALTERNATING PROBLEMS Hi Stu, Thanks for all the information you provide. It is always helpful and much appreciated. You are always the first part of Wing World I read. I have a few problems I need to address; they may be all related, but I have given up repairing at this point. I have a… Workbench March 2014″>Read more »

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Wired Or Wireless?

Gold Wing Cockpit

The differences you need to know for your Wing. Do you remember the Bad Old Days of two-up motorcycle touring? I’m speaking of the days prior to two-wheel audio systems when hand signals and hollering were considered to be “intercom.” Music, cell phones, radar detectors, GPS guidance? Forget about it! Then came the 55 MPH… Read more »

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Safe Team Riding

Part 1: Collaborative Cooperation A team ride is a great way to travel and spend time with like-minded friends who love to live on the road. But at the same time, it can be one of the most demanding activities for a motorcyclist, demanding more cognitive concentration, precise coordination, intelligible communication and insightful, rapid-fire decision… Safe Team Riding”>Read more »

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Workbench February 2014

stu and bike

TECHNICAL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS The Tires Go Round and Round (but the Speedo Isn’t Accurate) I’m writing in regards to Bob Dougherty’s e-mail in the October 2013 issue of Wing World about speedometer accuracy. I purchased my GL1800 back in 2001, but did not notice the speed discrepancy until I installed a Garmin GPS in… Workbench February 2014″>Read more »

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Oil & Filter Change

With the summer rally season now in full swing, we thought it would good to discuss renewing the oil and oil filter on your Gold Wing. (First run in the July 2007 issue, p. 50.) We’ve used a GL1500 for illustrative purposes, but the procedure is almost identical for all Gold Wing models produced since… Change“>Read more »

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