Understanding your oil filter

We all know that we should change our oil and oil filter regularly. And there are plenty of discussions online about the correct oil to use. But what about the oil filter? There are plenty of brands out there, and prices vary from a couple of bucks to more than 20 dollars per filter. What’s… Read more »

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My Mirrors are Fine, right?

My Mirrors are Fine, right? By George Woodside Most likely, no, your mirrors are not fine. After looking at the mirror settings of several Wings at a recent meeting, I noticed that most riders have their mirrors adjusted so that both side mirrors have a predominant view of the rider’s elbows, and the lane behind… Read more »

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Something old, something new

A fondness for rat bikes and rat rods inspires one man to turn an old Gold Wing into a new “old ratty” machine.   Since its birth in the mid-1970s, the Gold Wing has been the go-to for comfortable long range cruising. With thousands of custom aftermarket parts and performance bolt-ons available, it’s hard to… Read more »

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The Missing Early Gold Wing

Editor’s note: Boody has studied GL1000s extensively since 1975, besides owning some of these glorious bikes since they first came out, and later restoring others. Aboard since the Wing’s start, GL1000 enthusiasts such as Boody know a lot about these pre-production and production model Wings. As Boody states, “I appreciate your interest in me and… Read more »

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Meet Heathen

I started adding my own touches to my Valkyrie almost immediately.

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Is there a downside to tech?

Gold Wing Technology - Airbag

Last September, Dainese introduced its D/air bagequipped one-piece race suit to the U.S. market. A street version was recently introduced in Europe and is expected to be available in the U.S. sometime soon. I won’t go into the mechanics of how it works. It fits neatly inside a riding jacket and just suffice it to… Read more »

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The Gold Wing Evolution

Gold Wing - Classic

The marketing folks at Honda began to envision the real possibility that the Gold Wing was and should be thought of as a touring motorcycle.

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North East Trikes

BROTHERS BUILDING A BUSINESS FROM REAL-LIFE SOLUTIONS It all began in 2006 when Bobby Guglielmo decided to trike his bike after back troubles made him concerned he might drop the bike with his wife on it. Having worked in the auto-body business for years, Guglielmo wasn’t satisfied with parts of the trike install, even though… Read more »

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Ham it Up

Ham Radio

Ham Radio, A fun special interest group Ham radio is also known as amateur radio and sometimes called shortwave radio. Unlike CB radio, it has more than one band and more modes of transmission than only AM channels. Ham bands run from microwave to UHF (ultra high frequency), VHF (very high frequency) and HF (high… Read more »

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It’s a Wrap

Vinyl Wrapped Gold Wing

I vinyl wrapped my Goldwing! Iwas the owner of a beautiful Black ’99 GL1500 SE with a Hannigan sidecar. Anyone who owns a black bike knows that it’s only black and shiny after you wash it. Take it for a ride and five minutes down the road, it’s dirty again. After six years of doing… Read more »

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Workbench: March 2016

stu and bike

Answers to the technical questions in this month’s Workbench were provided by Stu Oltman, Wing World’s Senior Technical Editor.

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