Road Trips

Cruising Through Social

Cruising Social - California to Reno

…there are so many gorgeous natural landscapes to see while passing through and hey, you might even spot a “famous” housewife or two while in the area.

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Roots to Rockets

Saturn V Rocket in Huntsville

It’s here you can see the only full-scale, full-stack space shuttle, as well as one of only three Saturn V Moon Rockets in existence.

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AZ Bound

Southwest Roadtrip

Visitors make small stone piles to symbolize the power of a vortex.

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The Great Outdoors

Outdoors in Huntsville, Alabama

See all that Huntsville has to offer. Come experience the great outdoors in and around Huntsville, Ala. Our city is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and the southern border of Huntsville is the Tennessee River. Opportunities for outdoor adventures are nearly limitless with an abundance of trails, lakes, rivers and green spaces…. Read more »

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To Wing Ding from Israel

Israel Plane Trip

A Firsthand Account by the 2014 Overseas Couple of the Year Wing Ding 36 was an intensive but amazing week for us. As an overseas couple, we found a totally different atmosphere than we are used to. The organization is different, the laws are different and, of course, the people are different. We discovered a… Read more »

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Covered Bridges

Antique Bridges

I was a little nervous to ride on it, since the front wheel would be in the center of the planks while the two back wheels would be on the runners, plus the trailer would be staggered on runners and the planks.

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Rocket City Road Trip

Saturn V Rocket in Huntsville

You don’t want to miss a thing. Huntsville, Ala., aka the Rocket City, is thrilled to be your host for Wing Ding 37! September 2015 will be here before you know it, so here’s some info on the community, as well as the region, that we hope you’ll find useful. Huntsville is centrally located in… Rocket City Road Trip”>Read more »

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Stuck Rich

Virginia City, NV

As old and forgotten as Virginia City might sound to you, it still happens to be quite the tourist attraction.

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Lake Life

Lake Tahoe

You can water ski, try wake-boarding, kayaking, sailing, paddle-boarding, fishing, swimming, or just soak your toes on the shore and throw rocks into the crystal clear depths.

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Huntsville Bound

Huntsville Daytime

Huntsville and Madison County are home of four of the top attractions in the State. The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is the No. 1 attraction in Alabama.

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Gold Wing Abuse

We set off withe the Gold Wing carrying and towing about 600 pounds of people and “stuff” as George Carlin put it.

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