Road Trips

From Flight to Feast

Out-Of-This-World Dining in the Rocket City September will be here before we know it, so now is the perfect time to register to attend Wing Ding 37 in Huntsville, Alabama. One of the most asked questions we get at the Huntsville/Madison County Visitor Center is, “Where should we eat?” It sounds simple enough, until you… Read more »

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Reno Rendezvous

Downtown Reno

The Big Weekend is Almost Here! Surely June 18-20 has been highlighted on your calendar for some time now. Your vacation hours have long been approved. Your journey has been painstakingly mapped and remapped a few times over. We’re sure you’re ready to hit the road this instant, but the time will soon be here…. Read more »

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Here we noticed that you would see the same vehicles and people that you had seen two stops back. As it was the only highway for hundreds of miles.

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The Last Ride

M. Andrew Thelander

Checking one off on the bucket list I am 6-foot-3, 220 pounds and pushing 70, and although I think I am in reasonably good shape for a man my age, I know I am not the person I was even 20 years ago. Each time I go for a ride after checking the T-CLOCK, I… The Last Ride”>Read more »

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High and Above

Arctic Cicle

Then there are the dozens of animals that he passed along the way, such as the bison, bears, elk, caribou, porcupines, whales and many more.

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Rails to Rockets

Huntsville Train

Three Must-Visit Locations in Huntsville for Train Enthusiasts. If the first stop you make while exploring a new city is to see what sort of train or railroad history it has to offer, then you’re in luck. Your road trip to the Rocket City for Wing Ding 37 will have several offerings for those fascinated… Read more »

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East Coast Exploration

Statue in Boston

Reno by Way of Beantown: Boston to Reno, Nevada The Northeast corner of the United States holds some of America’s richest history and features incredible landmarks that most of us only read about in textbooks when we were kids. Boston, specifically, is a magnet to history buffs as it features the Freedom Trail — a… East Coast Exploration”>Read more »

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The Early Bird Gets the Tour

Marshall Center

The tour is led by a trained museum guide, allowing guests to sit back and relax as they explain the past, present and future of Marshall Space Flight Center, followed by a question-and-answer session.

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25 Years Ago

Gold Book Reunion

Good times and the Gold Book Twenty-five years ago, Laurie and I, plus John and Linda Laprade, planned a trip for a long weekend to Washington D.C. John reached out via the Gold Book to a fellow GWRRA Member in Baltimore to ask if he would be willing to give us a tour of the… Read more »

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2,000 Miles to Reno


But for all intents and purposes, the most direct route will stand as a mere suggestion as there are many secret passages along the way.

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