Road Trips

Recipe for a Great Trip

…my shield fogged on my helmet and I could see or at least I thought I was seeing, little white stuff on the ground. So, I lifted my shield and got BB pellets at my face.

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Mascots on the Move

The trial and travels of Region F’s Harry “F”UN Bear. We’d like to introduce you to Harry “F”un Bear. We know many Chapters have mascots and many Districts have fun and games for stealing mascots. Well, let me tell you about who Harry is and how much FUN he is having. JR and I were… Read more »

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From Canada to Mexico

Road Trip

My attempt at an Iron Butt Association Border to Border ride I had been planning a Border to Border ride for years, long before my first SaddleSore. Finally, it was coming together. For those that aren’t familiar with the Iron Butt Association and their Border to Border ride, the rules are fairly straight forward: Ride… Read more »

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