The Man with the Badge

I probably would say ‘Let’s go for a ride’ more often than he might. I’m ready to get on and go and I could spend days on it — doesn’t bother me at all. Totally different mentality on a trike.

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Midday Dreaming

When he walked out, sleep still in his eyes, Abel introduced himself and explained that he was in the area and wanted to welcome Steve to GWRRA. Wait, did we forget that part?

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The 2014 Valkyrie

The Valk is pitched as a “muscle cruiser” by Honda. It’s supposed to be fast, efficient, stripped down and fun, yet it’s still solid and practical enough to cruise long distances.

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The Midwest Tour Conclusion

Farm and Silo in Green Field

We were taking the 90 into Minnesota, which turned north after the bridge so we had a view of the water for quite a bit of time. Beautiful, just beautiful.

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Camp Fantastic: Giving Back

It’s easy to see just how much the riders care for these children and how touched they are to be a part of this wonderful annual event.

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The Midwest Tour Begins

“See this area here?” She says as she circles our hotel. “You don’t want to be there,” as she looks up at me from behind her glasses.

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