Motorcycle Tires

Tire treads and damage

Why is sidewall stiffness such an issue? It’s mainly due to a phenomenon known as camber thrust…

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The Nordiq

Nordiq Motorcycle

It goes to show that although the ’75 is 40 years old this year, it still has a lot of life left in it.

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Workbench January 2015

stu and bike

Answers to the technical questions in this month’s Workbench were provided by Stu Oltman, Wing World’s Senior Technical Editor.

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We Survived!

Honda Gold Wing

I remember our front wheel hitting the back right corner of the trailer ahead of us. The impact snapped the handlebars hard to the left (which was likely when my five rib fractured, bruised the underlying lung and started the collapse of my left lung).

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Cruising Through Social

Cruising Social - California to Reno

…there are so many gorgeous natural landscapes to see while passing through and hey, you might even spot a “famous” housewife or two while in the area.

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AZ Bound

Southwest Roadtrip

Visitors make small stone piles to symbolize the power of a vortex.

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40 Years

Gold Wings 40th

Whatever Honda has up its sleeve, it’s holding it close to its chest for now.

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Covered Bridges

Antique Bridges

I was a little nervous to ride on it, since the front wheel would be in the center of the planks while the two back wheels would be on the runners, plus the trailer would be staggered on runners and the planks.

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Wing Ding 36

…the biggest Wing Ding coverage that we’ve had in recent years, coming in at 34 pages, and still, it’s not enough. Frankly, we could fill this entire magazine with pictures from Madison and still run out of space…

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Stuck Rich

Virginia City, NV

As old and forgotten as Virginia City might sound to you, it still happens to be quite the tourist attraction.

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Gold Wing Abuse

We set off withe the Gold Wing carrying and towing about 600 pounds of people and “stuff” as George Carlin put it.

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