In the Beginning

It was midyear 1974 and most likely late May or early June. Honda Motors in Japan briefly interrupted a production line…

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Motorcycle Tires II

What else could elevate tire temperature, possibly to the point of catastrophic tire failure? Underinflation is very dangerous…

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Prepare to Win

Preparing your motorcycle is one aspect to entering a bike show, but it is also a good idea to know how they judge the motorcycle.

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Here we noticed that you would see the same vehicles and people that you had seen two stops back. As it was the only highway for hundreds of miles.

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The Last Ride

M. Andrew Thelander

Checking one off on the bucket list I am 6-foot-3, 220 pounds and pushing 70, and although I think I am in reasonably good shape for a man my age, I know I am not the person I was even 20 years ago. Each time I go for a ride after checking the T-CLOCK, I… The Last Ride”>Read more »

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High and Above

Arctic Cicle

Then there are the dozens of animals that he passed along the way, such as the bison, bears, elk, caribou, porcupines, whales and many more.

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The Gold Wing at 40

Gold Wing Lineup History View

The nickname proved to be prescient, though even Honda couldn’t have guessed how iconic the bike would become…

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