On the road again and again

Fred Martin

90 and still flying Most people are in awe watching President Bush (#41) parachuting from a plane at the age of 90 plus with a smile on his face. That’s cool. Recently I spoke with a near 90-year-old who enjoys “flying” down a road on a 2007 Gold Wing motorcycle with a Motor Trike conversion… Read more »

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The Healing Road

The words hit with the force of a hammer. The effect was a numbing shock so intense my wife had to tearfully repeat the phone message she had just taken from my brother-in-law.

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The Gold Wing Evolution

Gold Wing - Classic

The marketing folks at Honda began to envision the real possibility that the Gold Wing was and should be thought of as a touring motorcycle.

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Lewis and Clark on Two Wheels

The enjoyment and rush of our motorcycle trip shared in the thrill and sense of adventure experienced by Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. Our trek on two wheels and paved roads would prove almost effortless compared to the challenges they had to overcome.

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Hot Weather Riding

Drinking water on bike in heat

Based on my personal experience and research, there is a world of difference between 100-105 F and 115 F in terms of how much water you need.

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Workbench: March 2016

stu and bike

Answers to the technical questions in this month’s Workbench were provided by Stu Oltman, Wing World’s Senior Technical Editor.

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Five Keys to Fearless Riding at Slow Speeds

Rider - Wing Ding

For years, I’ve been working on a set of motorcycle techniques I call Fearless Riding. If you take five minutes to try the five experiments described below, you may discover a new way to control your bike at slow speeds.

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3 On 3 For 3 Trip

When traveling on trikes, make sure enough time is allotted to talk about your machines and have pictures taken with others.

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Smooth Ride

Gold Wing - Lake

Hopefully this checklist (minus gear and personal items) gives you some guidance as you prepare for your own memorable road trip.

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New Twists

Arizona has a statewide program called “Touring Arizona” where you get a hanger bar by visiting Arizona landmarks and taking a cellphone picture in front of a list of those landmarks.

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