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To Reno from the Northeast

Excerpted from East Coast Exploration: Reno By Way of Beantown The Northeast corner of the United States holds some of America’s richest history and features incredible landmarks that most of us only read about in textbooks when we were kids. Boston, specifically, is a magnet to history buffs as it features the Freedom Trail —… Read more »

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Understanding and Using Your Hotel Discounts

For GWRRA Members Only Each month this year, we are sharing details about one of the many benefits that come with your GWRRA membership and explaining how the benefit works. We have realized that many of you are not aware of the numerous benefits provided with your membership. For February, we will look at all… Read more »

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10-4 Good Buddy

CB Install 18000

Installing a CB on an 1800 When I bought my 2012 GL1800, the CB radio was a factory option that listed for $1,100. I thought that was a bit pricey since I knew that the bike was prewired for the CB radio, and the controls were already present on the handlebars. In fact, since the… Read more »

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Birth of a Trike: Part 2

I am ready to start the second half of this adventure. Sunday’s trek was one of the best motorcycle rides I have ever taken. Heading to Williamsburg, Kentucky, on Route 90 through Daniel Boone National Forest, the road was exciting with elevation changes and plenty of twisties for 20 miles. The trike handles beyond my… Read more »

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Cross-Country Ride

1984, at age 23, I bought my first motorcycle – a 1980 Honda CX500 Deluxe with 4,000 miles for $1,500. Since then, my goal has always been to ride cross-country. In May 2015, I sought to achieve my goal. Though I still own my Honda CX500, my trip would be on my 2010 Gold Wing…. Read more »

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Going the Distance

Long Distance Motorcycle Riding Tips It was late November when I set out on my journey – temperature, 26 degrees. My trip began in Michigan, my final stop, Las Cruces, New Mexico. Despite the challenges of the cold, rain and warm weather, my trip was successful, all because of planning, training, friends and my Gold… Read more »

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