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Anti-Lock Brakes

Goldwing ABS

Deciding the value of staying upright: ABS A common frustration among rider course instructors and coaches is that while rid ers will spend upwards of $25,0 00 on their Wing, they balk at $50 or $100 or more to hone their safety skills. As I write this, I am in that “dollars for safety” conundrum… Read more »

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Our 50th State

Travel Hawaii on Motorcycle

Hawaii on Motorcycle Forty-nine states. That was how many we had ridden to and through. And I wasn’t sure that was going to change; there were so many negatives about a trip to the 50th state. First was the flight. My last commercial flight eight years prior ended up taking as long as it would… Read more »

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Is there a downside to tech?

Gold Wing Technology - Airbag

Last September, Dainese introduced its D/air bagequipped one-piece race suit to the U.S. market. A street version was recently introduced in Europe and is expected to be available in the U.S. sometime soon. I won’t go into the mechanics of how it works. It fits neatly inside a riding jacket and just suffice it to… Read more »

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Do you know the law?

Police - Motorcycle Safety

You come to a four-way stop at the same time as another bike arriving at the left cross street. Who has the r ight of way? You get caught going 62 in a 55 mph zone. You get a ticket (not a warning), but there are no points, no insurance company notifi cation and nothing… Read more »

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Hot Spot: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Lots for Wingers to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas ot Springs National Park, Arkansas, knows motorcycles. For more than 18 years the city has been hosting organized rallies, and it has remained for decades a favorite destination for individual riders, their families and friends. Situated in a beautiful valley of the Ouachita Mountains of west-central… Read more »

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New Wing Ding Bike Show Rules

Bike Show Rules

2016 There isn’t any better feeling than sitting at a stop light waiting for it to change, looking over at the driver next to you and hearing them say those two magic words – nice bike. Or while gassing up, you see someone come out of a convenience store and look at your bike adoringly…. Read more »

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But I didn’t expect to see him

am motivated to write on Joe Turner’s topic, “But I Didn’t See Him!” (May 2016, p. 36). I will not focus on the physical inability to see motorcyclists as Mr. Turner does, but rather on the mental inability to do so. I don’t refer strictly to angular invisibility, as Mr. Turner does, but to the… Read more »

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North East Trikes

BROTHERS BUILDING A BUSINESS FROM REAL-LIFE SOLUTIONS It all began in 2006 when Bobby Guglielmo decided to trike his bike after back troubles made him concerned he might drop the bike with his wife on it. Having worked in the auto-body business for years, Guglielmo wasn’t satisfied with parts of the trike install, even though… Read more »

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But I didn’t see him!

Motorcycle Invisible

As a motorcyclist who drives a car, when pulling out into traffic, I have gotten into the habit of leaning forward while looking left the second time.

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It’s Never Too Far

Jim Leatherman

Over a quarter million miles in just over 10 years Having lost my legs at the age of 6 as a result of being run over by a train in 1966, I had no idea that riding a bicycle would be possible and grew up with the understanding that a motorcycle would be way out… Read more »

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Ham it Up

Ham Radio

Ham Radio, A fun special interest group Ham radio is also known as amateur radio and sometimes called shortwave radio. Unlike CB radio, it has more than one band and more modes of transmission than only AM channels. Ham bands run from microwave to UHF (ultra high frequency), VHF (very high frequency) and HF (high… Read more »

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It’s a Wrap

Vinyl Wrapped Gold Wing

I vinyl wrapped my Goldwing! Iwas the owner of a beautiful Black ’99 GL1500 SE with a Hannigan sidecar. Anyone who owns a black bike knows that it’s only black and shiny after you wash it. Take it for a ride and five minutes down the road, it’s dirty again. After six years of doing… Read more »

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