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Greetings. Here’s information to advertise in Wing World magazine. Join in the pages of our mag or online, alongside some other great folks who know a lot about Gold Wings, touring and motorcycle safety and riding. Below is the 2022 Media Kit, how to submit your ad, and different ways to contact our helpful sales force. Yep, they are a force, for sure.

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What advertisers are saying about us …

I know you probably don’t hear this enough so I thought I would take the time to tell you that we are getting calls from our ads in Wing World Magazine. In addition, during Bike Week we had two cyclists come into our visitor center carrying the magazine telling us they wanted to visit the “Sweet Spot”!

-West Volusia Tourism Advertising Authority

Wing World magazine being dedicated to only the Gold Wing Market provides a unique opportunity. It is the only advertisement that you can buy which provides 100% saturation. So it provides you with the best return on the dollars you spend. Wing World has helped us draw customers world wide.

-Gene's Gallery Inc.

We are quite pleased with the results of advertising in Wing World, and with the support we get in helping us use our marketing dollars to best effect.

-Rampage Power Lift Ramp

Wing World magazine is our best “Bang for the Buck”, when it comes to advertising. We can never say enough positive things about the magazine. Baker Built Air Wings manufactures Air Wings for over 40 different makes and models of motorcycles, over 90% of our total sales are for the Honda Gold Wings. We contribute a large portion of our success to Wing World magazine, GWRRA, and to the Wing Ding, Gold Wing Motorcycle Rallies. Wing Ding has been our best Motorcycle Rally for several years. Baker Built Air Wings would not be as successful without the staff’s assistance. We love working with the Wing World staff; they are great people to work with. 

-Baker Built Air Wings

Wing World magazine has been a great resource to us in becoming familiar with the Goldwing community and in helping us reach out to their readers. Our sales representative has been most professional in helping us prepare and place our advertising in Wing World magazine. They have maintained close coordination with us without being pushy. We look forward to continuing to reach out to the Gold Wing community through Wing World.

-Crossroads Trikes & Trailers

Over the past ten years we have experimented with various methods of advertising and did our best to keep track of which ads brought in the greatest number of customers per dollar spent. Our ads in Wing World exceeded every other method by such a wide margin that we stopped all other ads entirely. Working with the friendly and knowledgeable Wing World staff has definitely helped us continue our annual growth.


I would say that Wing World magazine and its loyal readership do a great job of supporting its advertisers. If one has a premium quality product the word will spread quickly through its Members. They are patriotic good Americans with a high intellect and disposable income. We at Diamond Gusset have always been pleased with the Wing World staff and how they continually contact us for pertinent company news or new products. Our ads continually bring Diamond Gusset a great return on investment. We could never walk away from our great relationship with Wing World

-Diamond Gusset

Our relationship with Wing World and Wing Ding goes back MANY years and has always been a good one.  Our ad representatives have always worked above and beyond with us to stay within our advertising budget, but get us the 'best-bang-for-the-buck' so to speak. Your special quarterly Touring Guide ads as well as your Holiday Gift Guide & Goodies ads offer great exposure for our products and are an affordable way to keep our ad in print all year round. We always know when a new issue has mailed by the increase in phone calls and e-mails we receive.

-Trailmaster Inc./Aspen Campers

Working with Wing World has always been great. We always get a heads up on topics, themes or stories in upcoming magazines with more than ample time to coincide with our marketing efforts. More than simply just placing ads, we have a fantastic working relationship with Wing World, they are always professional and organized yet take the time to check in just to see what’s new and happening at our company. Wing World's print quality is top notch, editorials are very well written, and their subscribers are very dedicated, highly involved members of the motorcycling community.


Wing World Magazine has been one of our top advertising outlets for reaching the Gold Wing motorcycle market. We have 100's of requests each month for information and plan to continue to advertise in the magazine

-Harrison Convention & Visitors Bureau

Wing World has been instrumental in promoting my business.  Since advertising with Wing World my MCPRW wheels have really been selling.  Wing World magazine reaches so many households-the exposure is great and needless to say I am very happy with the outcome.  The Wing World staff is very helpful and professional.Wing World helps me reach my target market effectively.

-Bill Merriman - Stop & Go International

2022 Media Kit


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