How To: Submit An Article to Wing World


Wing World is an internationally distributed magazine, published monthly, for Gold Wing, F6B, trike and Valkyrie and other motorcycle enthusiasts.


If you would like to submit an article to Wing World, we are always looking for inspiring, informative, interesting or unusual stories. Provide text that is concise. Show action, senses, feelings or thoughts using specific details in as few words as possible in a way folks can understand.

We are interested in one page and two- to four-page stories (usually approximately 400 words per page to 1100 words), about the following items:

  • Trikes
  • Road trips
  • Older bikes (GL1000, GL1100 and GL1200)
  • Tech and how-to
  • Travel (roads and attractions)
  • Riding routes
  • Wing Caves, Shops and Garages (where you store or work on your motorcycle)

Keep sending in your photos and blurbs for “Readers’ Rides” too.


The best way to send a story or article to Wing World magazine is to attach a Word document in an email to us. (Microsoft Word .doc or .docx is preferred.) If that doesn’t work for you, send your story or article in the body of an email.


The easiest way to submit an article or photos is to mail it directly to the editor by email at You can also use our online form here.


Include a couples lines about you with your submission. We edit all submissions for AP Style, grammar, length of article, professional publishing standards, etc. And if you’re turning in pictures, we’ve got a few tips for you at the link below.

To learn how to take a picture and submit it to Wing World magazine visit our guide.